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Summer Bucket List

School’s out for summer, and your family is making it one for the books.☀️

10 ideas for your family summer bucket list:

1. Drive-In Movie

Car-turned-blanket-forts, shared sour patch kids, and popcorn to your heart’s delight. The big-screen movie just adds to the magic. It’s certain to be a night the kiddos won’t forget. 2. Splashpad I think we can all agree that splash pads take “fun in the sun” to a whole new level. It’s fun for the kids, it’s fun for the parents, and it’s free! Win-win-win!

Our fave: 3. Go for a picnic Picnics are an amazing budget-friendly option to spend quality time with your family. Pack the uncrustables, grab a blanket, and find a shady spot under a tree. Or leave the kids with the grandparents and take some time to connect with your spouse under the summer sun. 4. Farmer’s Market Fresh produce, fresh air and fresh flowers. Does it get better?

Our fave: 5. Waterpark A waterpark is a great way to pretend like you’re spoiling the kids when really you’re spoiling yourself. I mean who doesn’t love a good lazy river? 6. Camping There’s something so grounding about falling asleep to the hum of crickets after sticky marshmallows and stories shared over a bonfire. Take life outside, even for just one night - you won’t regret it. 7. Splash in a creek Go back in time to your own childhood - find a creek in the woods and let your kids adventure. This is also your excuse to reminisce and appropriately begin a sentence with, “Back in my day…” You’re welcome, parents!

Our fave: Buck Creek in Old Town Helena 8. Rent a library book and read outside Live the unhurried life by picking up a good book and getting lost in it. Even if you’re not a big reader, I think you’ll find it refreshing. And, hello, it’s free! 9. Go get ice cream We don’t discriminate - we love ice cream all year round. But is there really anything better than your favorite scoop on a blistering summer day? No. There isn’t.

Our fave: 10. Fly a kite Will it inevitably get tangled? Oh definitely. But will the memories and giggles be worth it? Absolutely.

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