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 Get ready for SUMMER!☀️

It’s heating up and summer is well on its (Orderly) Way!


Gosh, your kids are cute. You’re just so proud of them. Every week they’re bringing home projects you want to keep for memories, but you just don’t know where to store it all. We felt that way too, and that’s exactly why we made these school organizing totes. These boxes allow you to save your children’s work, old report cards, and first papers without leaving a cluttered mess on the counter or in several unlabeled boxes somewhere in the attic. Each tote is customized to your child and is broken down into sections from baby through senior year. Each section contains two customizable folders. Pick the color and font that best suits your kid, and just think: one day when they’re graduating from high school and you’re ready to cry over all the sweet things they made as they grew, you’ll know just where to look.


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